The two core of the successful operation of the enterprise website optimization and promotion Shangh

website optimization and promotion of the Shanghai dragon, if there is no good web site content, first search engines are not included, a site has not been included in the search engine optimization effect, Shanghai dragon and how to get better? Then said, the content of a web site is not good. Light in brilliant colors, vivid images, although the user can give a shock, but when the user wants to find the right content, but nowhere, nature will cause serious psychological shadow, even on the site so deep bad pain! The first step must be to improve the content of the website construction, do not engage in false

! program from the brilliantIn fact, this is the first step of

: a good website content, website will become simple

love Shanghai users!

this idea is more progress, but in the course of operation, often go to another misunderstanding, from as long as having a website in your name card, can be printed on the site, regardless of whether others can not see, the content of the website for several years as one day, began to change into in the web page, beautification, nothing. A lot of enterprise website, who are all flash created, fancy pages, dynamic music, looked pretty gorgeous, but in Shanghai Longfeng optimization and promotion, it seems these gorgeous and did not bring what help! We need to ponder, Shanghai dragon enterprise website optimization and promotion should be how to do

may be a lot of readers think, since to Shanghai dragon optimization, why love Shanghai PPC ah, this is not a waste? The author thinks, this is of course not.

and the construction of the content, the key point is to combine the core keywords and long tail keywords, especially long tail keywords, is often in the construction site content in the enterprise, we should pay special attention to, of course for some is not very popular core keywords, you can directly enter the core keywords optimization, but if the core keywords competition is fierce words. It should go a long tail surrounding the core of the road, the priority to optimize the long tail keywords, so that it can be targeted for


is now a lot of enterprise website, has realized that the website is not simply to show their users, more is to play the site effect, bring more orders to their own enterprises, such enterprises website operation will change from passive to active, to take the initiative to put their website marketing out, enhance their own enterprises brand image! In order to get more customers, so it will bring a good order for their own business

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two: the optimization at the same time to properly engage PPC

you know, the Shanghai dragon enterprise website optimization and promotion are the two core factors of successful operation, if the two points are not good, and good website, are hidden in the valleys, several views are not outsiders sense, here I come to share their own enterprise website optimization and promotion of the Shanghai Phoenix hope! To the webmaster friends help

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