Web site optimization process according to user needs to promote love Shanghai ranking

third, the Q & A behavior to meet the user to bring traffic to the site. Most of the time the user needs are constantly changing, the tools and love of Shanghai "

first, the website is to constantly improve and meet the needs of users in value. First of all, the author first and do a detailed analysis, site optimization process and why should we grasp the needs of users, the user demand for the value and significance of the performance of the site on the other hand, in fact the changing needs of the users we can search through the main keyword analysis, different from URL address connection information can be well reflected out, before 2012, the user demand is not so obvious influence for the website ranking, at that time because the Internet information itself is relatively scarce, often as long as the website in some articles with high weight of the chain website ranking went up, but someone who knows 2014 several love Shanghai algorithm upgrades to the website now love is only recommended Shanghai content and the chain has been completely unable to meet the requirements of the quality of love Shanghai for the website. Through the love of Shanghai, the search engine quality white paper, we find that the user experience and user needs is the key point to optimize the Shanghai love the most basic, this time we want to through the first competitor analysis site, analysis of what information home ownership is very eye-catching position, then through the improvement and adjust their website details to to improve the website and user experience.

second, website channel classification through user needs to set the long tail word. Build a website or channel must not let the director assume random, it must be carefully analysis and layout, but the Internet a lot of things that we can’t just look at the surface, the website column and channel layout for example, we must dig to analyze true what the user’s attention by users demand, this when we can use love Shanghai webmaster tools, analysis of the main keywords and related keywords, love Shanghai related search analysis, drop-down list love Shanghai search box, what is the long tail word people often search, put these long tail keywords reasonable arrangement in website channel columns, so optimize the long tail word value is an easy job to do in addition to the above, some way we can use after word tools, through all kinds of webmaster tools or competition Hand web mining, don’t omit any value of the long tail word, because the channel weight is very high, the layout of high quality side main keywords and long tail word can greatly shorten the optimization time we all middle term.

as everyone knows, the website optimization process especially the escalating 2014 love Shanghai algorithm, for user demand has shrunk, as a webmaster, we should seek the details and grasp the search engine optimization in the process of user needs? The author thinks that the user needs is divided into many types, such as pictures demand, information demand, video demand and so on, today I mainly talk about is the impact of the site optimization process in Shanghai ranked several key user needs, and continued to enter today’s theme of short gossip.

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