Webmaster use search engine to several authoritative free tools for website development assistance

4.;Modify the robots.txt file

2. web page or column;

2. by Google capture abnormal tools, webmaster can historical error log information view Google noble baby BOT to crawl the site generated.


1. replace site procedures;

3. delete the content page or column;

6. exchange Links.

website construction is a long process, the need to constantly optimize and maintain. Only by continuous maintenance of the website, to search engine and users of all ages, has a high quality website. In the long term network optimization and maintenance process, the owners will often carry out 6 aspects of the operation:

Chengdu website 贵���jsdweberp贵��� Jin Shida technology of the original.

4. website was hacked, will seriously affect the website operation, the user experience and search engine experience. Provides a safe detection function to detect the presence of love Shanghai: fishing, horse, illegal content, fraud, dark chain and loopholes.

Modify the sitemap.xml file

website construction of these processes are prone to errors, for example, have broken links, 404 errors, sitemap.xml file integrity error or robots.txt file format error, illegal block error. Obviously, these errors are fatal, not friendly to the search engine, the influence of documents included, these will directly affect the site in the search engine rankings show.

The use of

3. love Shanghai provides the exception message reminder, remind of those unable to read, whether there is other information chain.

webmaster should learn how to use love Shanghai and Google offer this several authoritative free tools. Especially in the site after the 6 operation, the webmaster should go to platform management tools to check whether a site has a significant error. When the site appears related issues, the error would be corrected for web search engine and users of all ages. There are different views or deficiencies, welcome. Thank you


1. love Shanghai robots.txt detection tool can view the current setting of robots.txt, to the exclusion of illegal station prohibit access to major errors etc.. That is to say, the webmaster can provide information by means of one by one comparison, judgment set whether to conform to the webmaster intention, as shown below:

as a webmaster, how can we solve these problems? The answer is to use the love of Google or Shanghai for authoritative webmaster provide free testing and check errors, and then promptly corrected. Among them, mainly the following 4 points is the webmaster should frequently used tools.

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