Shanghai Longfeng need not only to also need EQ

what is the

actually, deep, emotional intelligence is a kind of born ability, that is to say, the title point can be a very good explanation.

finally, Shanghai Longfeng work every day to face the different internal staff of the majority of Internet users and companies, of course, can also work hard to ask the world, but if you approve of Shanghai dragon is not at all a simple network and search engines to deal with, and more willing to take it as a "

again, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners need to target population needs a clear and objective understanding, especially in the soft writing forum and speculation, empathy can be avoided from the masses in order to get the response and interaction itself, the target population. After all, we often say that the user experience, not just to say, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners to provide more hot topics to stimulate our users.

in its management aspects: first, to understand and master your emotions; then can realize the self motivation and control their emotions; another is to release and ease their negative feelings. In the interpersonal relationship performance: one is to experience and understand other people’s feelings, and realize the real motivation caused by emotions; on the other hand is a more advanced interpersonal relationship management and social skills.

second, Shanghai dragon may be faced with the workload and work pressure is strong, the worst case is not without success, but has done a lot of work has been counterproductive; sometimes face from my colleagues and the leadership of the pressure. Self release is an efficient way to avoid the dead end, of course, also need some self motivation.


fought for many years, when my classmates see light suddenly EQ is, the original in the world. The successful students venture to say let me unforgettable words, learning only in the preparatory work to enhance your value, until a certain degree it is a parallel line, the interpersonal relationship is the key you can continue to go up.

first, Shanghai dragon as an Internet based and derived a new occupation, there is no foundation and profound connotation, so for the staff who engaged in the Shanghai dragon, long time engaged in a single complex and lack of creative work, it is easy to produce emotional burnout. It has good self emotional regulation is particularly important, find their own fun from the mundane daily work, keep a good state, is the embodiment of high EQ.

has a very successful business friends, have a very successful work of friends, two people all love of "three Xuan", often tells the significance of EQ in occupation career for me. We as 80, at the beginning of the study, have no access to "EQ" this aspect of education, just before the university graduates have a vague idea that nouns like, we just unsuspectingly, embarked on a road of employment.

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