Shanghai dragon website optimization keywords station layout techniques to share articles

I think you Shanghai Longfeng webmaster know, a website in Shanghai Longfeng optimization part meta in the search engine in the mete part of the home position, can be said to be the highest part of the weight of a website, so a new Shanghai dragon optimization site if you want to get a good ranking in the search engine then, the meta part of the keyword layout, we first need to consider the Shanghai dragon webmaster to.


Description: description words usually 64 Chinese characters, in writing this passage.

Keywords: Although the recognition search engine of Keywords decreased, but the weight of this part is still there, in Keywords you can put Shanghai dragon in the website optimization of the main keywords, can also be outside the main keywords set, target keywords or long tail keywords refers to a lower number of. My advice here, if you are Shanghai dragon website optimization optimization in key words is difficult, or suggest that you put your main keywords optimization, can reduce the difficulty of the operation (because of the weight in the website of title is very high) if it is the general difficulty of keywords, you can put some target keywords or long tail keywords index low, so you can give your site to bring some traffic.

1. meta tag set.

Title:title tag is the theme of a website, is the most important site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization part. The title number is usually 64 bytes (of course, different search engines show the title length is different), which is the 32 Chinese characters, so we make full use of these 32 words, according to the good website title setting, in the setting of the title process, we usually have our core keywords Shanghai Longfeng optimization the site is difficult or keywords layout in title, and based on the difficulty order of words in order from left to right order. Generally the main keywords control in 2-4 can be easily dispersed, too much weight of keywords, is not conducive to ranking. This is equivalent to the cake, the more people, each person to the cake is also less.

for a Shanghai dragon Er, optimize the operation of the site is a basic work for us, I think whether it is Shanghai or Shanghai dragon dragon webmaster novice, everyone should know a good Shanghai Longfeng site optimization, reasonable layout of key words is very important, especially a new website was completed. Keywords layout need to be considered to be as comprehensive as possible, to search a good impression, so we can make the optimization of Shanghai dragon website has a good ranking in the search engine. How to carry out the scientific layout of keywords to a new station? We need you to work together to explore, then I combine my way to optimize the usual web site keywords layout, to talk about how the new keyword layout, hope to help Shanghai dragon Er will be able to.

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