The construction site outside the chain of two forum signature

on the forum outside the chain, a forum signature, one is directly outside the chain, first of all, there are a lot of friends that weight BBS signature is reduced, but also do not know where to see, and is the last noble baby PR does not update the news, get a year ago the article said the results to come, down a few times, there are still some stand PR update. Forum signature is useful, useful, personal feeling of signature is very useful, at least give us a way to promote our station and release some of their information, or how the performance of our personality, do not think the signature weight reduced, the most is a page out much of the chain, and then lead to the overall link weight is not high, but there is another aspect that is now se will find a page is longer, then the weight of this page is to improve, on the one hand is updated, one is the age.

2011 the first article, how to start, then give it a copy of the paper is written on the forum to write a chain of knowledge, feeling about it, our forum is the most commonly used way of promotion, basically every friend will be used. I said on the forum, first of all, in the current network, we should know it is our network of water army, the general said the "50 Fen", is a post 5 cents, remember in the Navy online registration of a member, a post 20 Fen, have done the most for their own research, but as can be seen through this forum, as a powerful communication environment plays an irreplaceable role, in the interaction and communication is very important, for example, at A5 we said we set seckill activities, so the members to participate in a ID, a chance, one yuan seckill, and so are the activities, is called fully active and active forum. On this aspect, the operation forum, see more, also these.

signature forum, remember on many websites, you can see the release of forum signature address, said the most is Admin5, Shanghai dragon why, behind, Chinaz, we all know these basically the station, every time to see this knowledge, toothache, want to say is the real quality of website the situation, on how to find some valuable chain resources.

first, the Internet you can find about Taobao products, generally there will be some forum content pages do promotion, row on the home page, or second pages, and so on, Admin5 saw a friend of mine said this method mentioned, since these contents can be routed to the home page, then the weight of this forum is certainly good. Then I go to the above registered account, say very good, this is also the coagulation has been mentioned must be careful, the mentality of knowledge.

the second is using the search command search, "fish and fish" everyone must understand the knowledge about this, do not want to say, some love, above Shanghai, search with domain, is a good example, domain:b>

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