Novice webmaster on doing four common methods in the chain

general search engine for their products to give relatively high weight, and spider activity is relatively high. The love of Shanghai is the largest search engine platform, so we can make good use of the platform of Shanghai for example: love, love, love Shanghai, Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai, Post Bar know love love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love space favorites Shanghai library and love the experience of Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai Encyclopedia of love love and love the experience of Shanghai library need to review, love Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar know love included the fastest, the love of Shanghai know the link requires a certain level of love, Shanghai, Shanghai, Post Bar love love Shanghai favorites can play; in addition, Search ask, YAHOO knowledge hall is also a good choice, the two platform can link, and the weight is also very high.

favorites and feeds are not open, truly effective also so a few, although the opening of the favorites, feeds is reduced, but the weight of the collected in Shanghai to give love is not reduced, after the add to favorites, even after a few minutes can be included. Here, I recommend to you some good favorites: YAHOO collection, good network network favorites, love Shanghai, everyone.


forum is the webmaster friends often do the chain platform, most of the forum with a personalized signature function, some even can be added directly to the site URL and link anchor text in the article. Because the site section is different, so the post when the release is to pay attention to skills, if violated if light will be harmonious while will be title, ip. replies, in addition, also a good choice, you can restore the most recent posts grab the sofa, of course, have to post your landlord to confirm has not been included in the search engine so, you can increase the probability of the chain is included.

four, favorites and links to.

high weight blog chain

blog increase in the chain is the webmaster friends the most familiar, but the blog increase in the chain need to pay attention to some skills, the weight of the blog has been reduced, so we must choose a relatively high weight of the blog, such as Sina blog, blog, blog, Sohu, Alibaba and other well-known blog blog, blog updated daily articles need too much, as long as the blog search engines basically three days or updated once a week. In addition, the blog title can use their own web site, as long as the blog was included, which is an effective the chain.


, a high quality forum link

chain is.

feedsNow most

to do the chain many methods, as long as the master of the principle, will be able to do external links, in other words rather than to more refined methods. Just enter the optimization industry novice friends how to do external links? Next with myself I a little experience outside the chain, that how to create high-quality external links.


three, its search engine platform

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