Love Shanghai chain link name tools use experience

it is not enough to explain the situation, we through the external links page link name check. Open a link can see the corresponding link name link address behind the figure.

in order to confirm the above statement is correct, the author has conducted the observation on some other sites, but also to find some English link name, and see what happens. As in the case of text links, still will automatically match the character left. The anchor text link will still link name recognition, but the link is not our query domain, but the domain name of a directory. I do not consider this issue, there is a new problem, if the link name is not a word, but a English word.


when the "Shanghai dragon website optimization" this word is a bit depressed, because this station is a join in the website, why did this happen? Through the search box to search link name Shanghai dragon website optimization the word found two pages, after open will find the following situation.

love Shanghai outside the chain of tools has been released for some time, many owners are also in use, after all of their stations and other sites can make some analysis. In the love of Shanghai outside the chain of tools in a data link is the name, many people will see it kidnapped as "anchor text", this right? Right, but not entirely correct. Why do you say that, from the love of Shanghai provided data and real Web information according to point of view, is not exactly the same. Whether the user is recommended or his hair of the chain, these data are not accurate enough. With my hand on a web site as an example, we can see how the data is extracted from the love of Shanghai, take a look at the contents of the connection name.

picture displayed on this website just before the text links the above words, this means that Shanghai will have the love word as the link text content explanation, think it and link is the best matching relationship. This point is a bit far fetched. That is not to remind us later if there is to be a text link must appear the most relevant words in the front? The only way to avoid the occurrence of the above situation, to avoid making a irrelevant words is a text link link name.

open the page, we found that indeed the link name for the anchor text link, but the problem is in the right appeared in the same text link, what love Shanghai is how to confirm? Is to confirm the link anchor text text name or post matching text links on the left side of the text to ignore the anchor text? We will look for other the link name check can know. Through the examination of some of the chain in the anchor text link can be found, love can be identified in Shanghai. Thus we can conclude that, if the link anchor text alone, will directly capture the text name as the link name; if the text links, will be on the left of the text, recently become the link name.

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