The website newborn should pay more attention to the details of the optimization

is imagination and ignore the design sketch, sketch design is a necessary skill in Shanghai dragon, sketch in every detail relationship after optimization of difficulty, so that a good sketch is very important.

Shanghai Longfeng owners, to optimize ranking on our old website every day, but can not avoid the new site, the new site optimization when many webmaster do not know what method, feeling is the tiger to eat the day can’t eat, but many webmaster will optimize the new website with the old station network optimization method the effect is not too obvious, the old and new website optimization website is different, we need to do a lot of details to work on the site before the line, in order to avoid the line after discovering the error, cause we want to change and can not change and face to share the new ranking optimization strategy.

1. we need to think about a few questions, our core keywords is not only one, if the core keywords our site more than two, such sites do not have the core competitiveness, we should not confuse the core keywords and target keywords, they are not equal, the theme of our website refers to the core keywords, only one, his relationship with the overall layout sketch design, which is the target keywords keywords we should be put in the home to do.

If we The name of the domain name

three, website design sketch

1. best can use our brand keywords or Pinyin, generally three words but not more than 4 words to control the Pinyin, the best through the domain names can associate with our industry.


do you use the 2. forum Discuz forum, blog, then you can use WordPress is a very powerful program. Torgovnik

2. home plate is divided in accordance with the importance of the user demand to differentiate, we in principle from left to right, from top to bottom, from the most important to the general importance to level two demand from the level of demand, to the user guide, we should consider every sector we placed it is required by the user.

2.贵族宝贝.Cn.Org.Net is the best domain name has been registered.

3. page title do not contain descriptive words, these words are not.

1. small business station is recommended to choose dreams, looking for someone to design a template of high quality and inexpensive procedure is relatively stable,.

two, how to choose the program Torgovnik

choose a good domain name is our optimization way of good start.

3. domain names to be easy to understand, don’t let the customer for a long time did not understand what is, at the same time – or don’t use initials.

Many webmaster website redesign

, how to choose the domain name

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