Website taboo! URL ranking all lose touch

A5 has been proposed marketing website Webmaster: did it in when cannot but can not change, it is best not to change, especially the structure of the website. There may be Adsense will ask: what is the time for example website weight cannot but? Fluctuate too much, always in the 2-3 and 3-4 weight stagnation, site is down right, after a long time has not recovered, website optimization need to break through the bottleneck, etc.. But for these, the revision of the time only through the Shanghai dragon diagnosis, and leave the details and find an antidote against the disease, it can be said that the change, the change would not touch. Then, we go back to the small part of the story, the story mainly said webmaster changed URL in the revision of the time, and Shanghai Dragon technology content stationmaster itself not how, only the achievements of the website today. May not be in real life, there are so many silly webmaster, but do such a foolish thing is dry. So, today we will talk about the matter, should be said to be some of the effectiveness of the proposed..


cannot but not to, don’t make a change to the URL, or for the love of Shanghai search engine: the new URL is the new page. If >

, not to cannot but, do not change the URL


A5 marketing service currently has more than 2000 sites in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/), seen greatly small website, some website page design or architecture revision, some website theme on the content of the revision etc.. In short, the revision of all kinds met. However, in the revision of these sites, the late survival is not too much, the reason is because many owners do not know how to revision, revision of the matters needing attention and the details are not to think, even love Shanghai webmaster do not know to use revision tools, resulting in the site problems.

Objective: before writing this article, there is a small story to tell: "a game webmaster consulting Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic service six months ago, he wanted to diagnosis to enhance the site’s weight, then his whole website is OK, not too bad is not too good, if you will do diagnosis have a very good promotion space. But the owners want a website revision before diagnosis, the revision of the scope is not large, the theme or the original theme, just put the page, architecture made changes, like the woman on the body has plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery is also a buttock breast again! Although we gave him in this respect advice, but he does not listen, we have no way. Last week, he came to us, said the website since half a year ago after the revision began to drop right, now rank and weight are not, so we asked him if he has any changes to the site important place, he said changes to the site of URL, so the miserable things happened… "So, that is because of this little story, today’s article will come out of

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