You will be in the Sina micro-blog appointment as the music box

the morning of March 26th 10, 50 thousand sets of music box C1S Sina micro-blog officially started. The music continued to use the hardware free + service charge "strategy, namely the box price 0 yuan C1S free, lifetime watch free video, users can choose 290 yuan / year or 490 yuan / year two LETV TV version of the service fee purchase combination. Change is not only the


: the first is not the same as the music box and mobile phone, mobile phone, every China citizens have a mobile phone, like this in the student has a mobile phone, the society is in progress, time is not the same, when we read no mobile phone, now the junior high school students started to play mobile phone, and as the music box, users without a mobile phone so wide. From this point of view, LETV take little probability of hunger marketing.


will you be in Sina micro-blog music box C1S

is the first Sina micro-blog electric water – millet, apparently tasted the sweetness of the reservation amount many, also let millet official micro-blog fans increased a lot, so this time the music box can be done successfully like millet as

I noticed that the music take method is not the same and millet, users click on the reservation, do not need to pay attention to the official micro-blog and forwarding, only need to fill out the personal information you can make an appointment, then the panic buying at noon on April 1st 12 can be. We can participate in a regular activities. The following figure:

from last year millet mobile phone test micro-blog shopping since there have been merchants in learning the practice of millet. The people said that the first attempt is successful, people will continue to follow suit behind. Just like a piece of cake, the first food is to eat the most, and later to the only and the rest of the equally small part. Each are the same industry, 2/8’s law is more prominent on the internet. With the electricity supplier, a dominant Taobao, Jingdong and other electricity providers can only pick up the rest of the small market share of Taobao.

may account for both user groups is not the same, so LETV TV did not take the same approach to do like millet. On April 1st this day is also the use of hunger marketing, I think unlikely. The main reasons are as follows: (on behalf of the individual point of view)


music box C1S is a smart Internet machine first domestic TV drama video site LETV launch. It is through the network interface or wireless network card and the HDMI HD line, the Internet connection with 3D HD TV, users can use the remote controller which broadcast HD and 3D TV drama mass.


second: according to characteristics of products and price advantage, because this product is a new product, like the general family don’t think he needs this product, but also not too, as the music box and mobile phone is completely different. Personally feel that from user groups can be.

on the music box C1S

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