To optimize the user experience of Shanghai dragon brought what

how to do a good job in Shanghai, here is not to say, you can search to search out a lot, "

focus on the user experience of the Shanghai dragon let turnover rate higher. The keyword refinement, so as to lock the target customers while fewer, but more and more accurate, more and more high quality, so the turnover rate is getting higher and higher, about Shanghai dragon and the user experience from this goal is the same, is to better meet the user search experience, users will need to the search for something to show in front of the user.

the answer is no.. In fact, Shanghai dragon and pay more attention to the user experience is not contradictory. The user experience will change Shanghai dragon more and more fine, although Shanghai Longfeng more and more diversified, but the target user is more and more clear, browse quality is more and more high, the relationship between the two are complementary to each other. Focus on the user experience of the era, Shanghai dragon becomes more and more complicated, why? You optimize the words "flowers", perhaps in the past, as long as you can optimize the "flowers". But now the search engine in order to improve the user experience, will be in Shanghai the user’s search results directly related to Shanghai’s flowers website keywords in the first place, Beijing users will keywords Beijing about the flowers website in the first place. So now you want to optimize the words "flowers", you need to optimize the "Beijing flower" "Shanghai flower" keywords and long tail keywords before actually this theory is the same.

Hello I’m home baby, today we talk about the user experience and the power of the times, how should we do in Shanghai dragon. Why would choose such a topic, due to a phenomenon that I recently found. A few days ago, in order to increase search hits to their website, every time I enter your site will fall in love with their maritime search keywords, and then click on your own website to enter, the results of the second day I was surprised to find that their website suddenly from page second climbed to the first place, which is really glad a. But the query about their fundamental flow and not before what is the difference between. Through the exchange and other friends that this is love Shanghai to improve an improved user experience, is to be in a certain area first user access the site on the front. This made me think a lot…

we all know that Shanghai dragon will aim their target keywords optimization to the first, but now even in the first place you are in a certain region is the first. This means that the love Shanghai ranking will no longer be completely unified ranking, but regional adjustment according to region specific click habits, then Shanghai dragon really did not use it?

I think we can get more and more attention, now the Shanghai dragon Er pay more attention to the user experience of the word. No wonder people say, the highest level in Shanghai is not Shanghai dragon dragon. What do you mean? An excellent user experience site without the Shanghai dragon.

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