How many details of mobile phone website optimization

second, the content must be attractive and correlation. Because Internet users fragmentation time basically by using mobile phone, so in the continuity of the Internet level is not strong, want to enhance the attractiveness of the user, enhance the user more to your site, then you need to enhance the appeal of website content. Only the appeal of website content has been improved, can produce lasting appeal to users. The greatest skills and enhance the attractiveness of the website is released and is related to the content of the website keywords, and these elements can help to generate greater user. After all, many users are browsing through the mobile phone website, mostly in order to get help, this is an important motivation, so your website content is extremely critical help effect on users.

first, content to be concise. Because mobile phone users need to move through the traffic to the Internet, and now China’s mobile traffic cost is not cheap, so want to let users happy surfing on your website, you can’t do those things using user traffic. Therefore in the web page design, we must pay attention to its simplicity, can clear things with words, not with words. To be able to explain things with words, not pictures. But the page background design, also want to pay attention to color, try not to use pictures to decorate. So the user can in less traffic, access to relevant content, and through this simple design, but also can effectively improve the speed of the open web site users.

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third, construction sites and mobile phone channel jump PC website. Whether it is a mobile phone website, or PC website, should set a relatively detailed navigation, as well as related to remind the link, and can also allow users to achieve jump switch between PC and mobile phone website. Through this design, can not only enhance the friendly degree of search engines, but also allows users to conveniently select the appropriate platform for Internet browsing. Now because some users love to surf the Internet using mobile phone. But some users also love PC to use the Internet, especially in the search data. So a jump set up on the site.

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to analyze the optimization strategy of mobile phone terminal site from the macro level, in order to end the website to better improve the user experience of the mobile phone, you need through various details to optimize, following the analysis of the specific details of the optimization, so as to enhance the mobile user experience of the website to provide a reference.

in the mobile terminal APP mobile phone is popular, but the function of the website is more powerful at the same time, universality is higher, can be very good for mobile users to provide diversified services. But because the mobile phone screen is relatively small, if the mobile phone terminal site is on the PC side of the site to carry out the design, it is difficult for users to get a good experience. In the end of the mobile phone website must follow the simplified design, as much as possible and the APP design style is closer, so that it can improve the mobile phone terminal site better user experience.

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