Dove Shanghai dragon workers should learn to sum up their own

website optimization is a bit strange to me now, I have no concern about these things for a long time, it may be a bit busy, also may be no interest, may also be other reasons. But after I analyzed the contents of his this time, I think one of the reasons I the biggest and most important thing is my execution is getting worse, I can now.

I have a long time did not write the article, these days are busy with their own website, as well as the company’s website. Not busy doing optimization, but busy station. Our company is developing its own new sites, I don’t have much time to pay attention to what the ranking thing, do it after the site to focus on the ranking of the thing, is another thing for our company, because the domain name for the record thing has been tired for almost two months. Today I managed to calm down and then talk about the record of things, but these things related to the website ranking, website customer experience, then I began to say:

third point to say is the website optimization.

also know the website construction you may, but the construction site of the very important point is the concept of time, if the construction site doesn’t have the concept of time, the construction of the website can be said to have lost his value. Some people may not agree with me, this can be understood. I will give you a simple my own website! I bought it in November 1, 2010 for my name, my website in 2011 April was on the line. In fact, I plan before I buy the domain name to the website, improve within a month. And then after a month of promotion and optimization of the website, which probably come to mid month, which is a few days soon after a few days will celebrate the new year, I think this is the right time in the new year at home, you can earn points in contact list the block will be better. However, although the plan is good, because they did not grasp the time to get my website in April this year was on the line, this to profit I estimate that at least another two or three months. So the website construction must have the concept of time, but also have executive power, otherwise what can be done.

the first thing to say is the record of the domain name.

second point to say that the construction site.

domain registration must be timely, why do you say that? Because when you buy next to your domain name is for you all the information ready to record, and then submit to your access provider. For the record of formal time is twenty working days website record number can come down, but for some irresponsible jierushang, it will take a long time, that is to say when you submit for the record the data, and they have no time for you to submit your domain name, will cause a long time without filing so, if your website rush to online, may affect the operation of the time. So this is the first one I want to say for the record must be timely.

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