The difference between ALT and title picture tags in img

from more than three photos we can see that ALT is different from Title:

, 1 different meanings

in Firefox and IE8, when the mouse over the picture ti>


The code of

The code of The code of

< img src= "image of the wrong address" title= "Title Error" >
< /body>


under IE6

in the browser


under IE8

we can work together to do the test: the following code stored in the text, named.Html at the end of the file, and then use the browser to open different.


< body>


"贵族宝贝" >

may be a lot of time to do the optimization of the novice, do not understand the difference between ALT and title picture tags in img, SEM, today alone you share the difference.

2, the performance of different

ALT is when the picture does not exist when the replacement text is title; the picture description and further explain

under Firefox

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