Simple discussion site is down right and love Shanghai K station N reasons


this is a department of defense against the problem, on the very moment we love the real situation in the writing time than a metaphor or say things, do not pay attention in between page will show sharp words, time to check out the latest sharp vocabulary is indispensable, or on the basis of own website procedures set half automatic shielding, exchange or filter.


the repetition and the above mentioned collection of different, this is between the station "revealed highly repetitive, common expression included impairment, website drop right phenomenon, if useful to solve the" duplication of blog articles describing, and can also refer to page layout form of love Shanghai official or industry good site the.


Too much

10, friendship link

On the joint effect of

website revealed the friendship links, you support the party as a vote, will also receive different degrees of punishment, as to what extent, it depends on the specific problems revealed by the end of each other.

advertising alliance

13, highly repetitive

first made mention of 14 factors easily lead to love Shanghai site is down right or be K, are likely to continue to keep the other, and then slowly back to complete.

12, the number of According to the 14,

website is not strong in progress, there may be up to now the form of the effect is good, but when the site progress to the decision mode of time prior to the form do not adapt, from groups of people and the whole situation: the mind to establish and real time Shanghai dragon strategy, this is a habit we should develop.

sharpWhen the

will cause the impact on the number of alliance website weight to a certain extent.

is the absolute friends who do web site do not attach importance to the user experience, this does not cover the dumpster, because both plan to do garbage station, should be psychologically prepared, try to choose a credit union on advertising alliance (reliable), choose Google or private offer love Shanghai, is also the people in the search engine website a little, than we previously thought of natural factors to the problem, and in the selection of code on the proposal at the moment look on offer, lest cause an error.

this is a very typical problems, especially just learning Shanghai Longfeng novices, easily lead to excessive site optimization. Whether the external links still inside the link, excessive is a gradual process, you may have to now optimized form is relatively excellent, but when the number increased to a certain degree of time, drop right or be K is the blink of an eye, make the response, we can only find out the problem and solve the end as early as possible the problem will be smoothly done or easily solved.


optimization over

style optimization advertising code of the site itself, so can detract from the advertising code for exhibition website user experience understanding the impact of.

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