Shanghai dragon refused to speak to the imagination of all data

data as a reference object, use the data to speak is the most convincing, the last of my colleagues asked me what keywords Tieguanyin is the most conversion rate, which makes me tangled for a long time, that is, the price of tea Tieguanyin tea Tieguanyin these words the conversion rate, in fact by his bidding only to find specific brand tea Tieguanyin conversion rate is the highest, like 1725, eight Ma Yunxiang Tieguanyin long tail keywords 666 this is the highest conversion rate of Tieguanyin tea words. Listen to the answer ideas and changed, oh, the original of Tieguanyin familiar customers buying products probability will be higher, it seems that people thinking about other things with the time, so their own imagination is difficult to draw the right answer.

In fact, everything should be in the

look at the selection and optimization of key words, what kind of keywords is worth us to do, what you want is the number of keywords or keyword? You want the keyword flow or the conversion of keywords? These are unable to see from the surface of the keywords, in fact, whether a keyword whether the traffic is still relatively easy, we can love Shanghai index tool to query the day’s search volume, and determine the value of keywords, it should be more detailed look at traffic statistics background, such as keyword map intoxicants mall search volume:

can be seen from the search volume of gold Junmei tea prices ranked second, but this can be found through the search keywords ranking in Shanghai love tenth, if you exclude other ads, then this keyword is a word searches, if we can put it to the top three, then the traffic will certainly be more considerable. But if you want to determine the value of keywords, need to analyze the data even more, we might have to observe a period of time in the search of the keywords in the user browsing several pages, the length of time to stay, even if there is a registered member, there is no direct purchase of product analysis and comments. It seems to analyze the exit.


optimization, that is Shanghai dragon Er tend to decide optimizing a website from your own experience and ideas, when someone asks you why navigation design, you will not hesitate to say that I think this is done to the user experience. This is just what you think, you can ensure that users think so?

in Shanghai Longfeng longer, you will find Shanghai dragon more things worth learning. At first thought that the most important chain, the other is a cloud; behind the chain is only a part of them, also need the support of content: content is king, the chain for the emperor; then have a certain practice, he made a small website start optimization, found the original website architecture, keywords layout effect so much for ranking; then that the importance of data in the Shanghai dragon…… The original Shanghai dragon optimization of each stage has different understanding.

Common misunderstanding about

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