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why do some personal website, Shanghai Longfeng companies do Shanghai Longfeng do very well, and find some Shanghai dragon company to do have no effect. In fact, that it is simply you do want Shanghai dragon real flow or keyword ranking. Ideas do Shanghai dragon small series is the first flow. Only to do some valuable keywords, and difficult to do, no value and easy to do is not to waste the time, because I want the real intention of the user rather than a tool in statistics on gorgeous various ranks first. The general enterprise network company looking for the optimization of the time, usually in determining keywords when it has no effect to. The demand of the enterprise is a more popular keywords real flow better, and optimize the company’s demand is the word as simple as possible, try to make money in the home and then do some time, usually optimize the company are 1 Shanghai dragon in charge of several sites, the limited time and energy. The contradiction between enterprises and the company created the needs of both sides to negotiate the final into various regions of the word and the long tail word. This need number can be effective as subject keywords to optimize, have great scope to show visible limitations. Although the words done within a very short time ranking in the home page, but the flow is poor.

last night time look at some of the QQ group before added to the sorting, suddenly found several Shanghai dragon before discussion group has imperceptibly forgotten. Compared with a few years ago, Shanghai dragon industry hot, now Shanghai dragon industry has been somewhat lonely. Many friends have been Shanghai dragon turned the other, I also have to switch php1 years, just spare time to optimize a studio website under their own. Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have seen reduced a lot of enterprises have already abandoned natural optimization, some chose to pay promotion more quickly, or directly from the Internet special line down. Search Shanghai dragon recruitment, job is almost no less. This is Shanghai dragon industry really had no effect on the

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customers are not optimistic about the Shanghai dragon. Because many customers do not understand some of the aspects of itself is just.

small is also one of the beneficiaries of Shanghai Longfeng, a few years ago indeed earn some money, then do Taobao off site and segmentation industry ranking hanging advertising navigation is a small part of the main source of income, the revenue in recent days has been more than a month now income. That small usually pick up some private work, but so far 4, 5 years, the private is the website construction, not a single do optimization. The reason is very simple, popular Shanghai Longfeng time have their own station, Shanghai Phoenix single quote busy month has not had a week to earn more money, even if you have time to do their own websites. Now Shanghai dragon cooling down the list is less. A change of course now love Shanghai algorithm again let Shanghai dragon is harder than before the increase in the number of.

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