Something about H tags have to say

H3 tags used in news headlines, play a role. Through the above analysis, we can see that the NetEase’s home use H tags, not abuse. There is only a H1 label, that the title of the page. The H2 tag on the navigation, H3 tags on news headlines.

for the website optimization, we often increase the effect of optimization by using HTML tags. The H tag is that we often use the HTML tag has been. The H label to a label to emphasize the text in a web page, can cause the focus of search engine. The reasonable use of the H tag can bring good effect to the site, and the use of inappropriate will bring negative effects to the site, and even lead to serious K station.

How to correctly use the H tag


? ? H3

already said H label is a label which emphasizes the role, can directly guide the search engine website that content is important, which is directly tell the search engine in the H in the word or words to emphasize, emphasize the effect of labeling is higher than that of strong H. Visit the web page in the search engine grab, grab the contents of the H tags as part of that. The H label to label < H1 > H2, < >, H3; < > < H6 > as the title tag, in the use of general use only < H1 > < H2; > < H3, > the importance of a weakened. Usually a web page using only a H1 tag, H2, H3 can use multiple. In web design, the direct use of H1 tags will produce enough beautiful effect, so many people will be hidden by css. Or will use H1 tags in logo.

on how to use the H label is correct, in fact, the Internet does not have a clear explanation, but we can through the analysis to understand. We use the H tag, but is nothing more than used too much, resulting in excessive optimization of adverse effects. We can come to understand the specific situation through the analysis of the station. The following example analysis to the NetEase page.

this is the use of H1 tags, the index page using only a H1 tag. Things like that, each page using only 1 H1 tags, so more in line with the search engine optimization specification. Let’s look at the H2 label


H tag will produce what kind of impact on the search engine

through observation, H2 tags used all navigation. Finally, look at the label:




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