Shanghai dragon er you can not let those synonyms ranking

why I say these synonyms we can not give up? Two reasons, the first is valuable, general keywords are valuable, such as broom broom and the two words, is actually a synonym, but some areas are not the same name, there are some areas we call the broom, some where is the broom. So two key value is almost the same, with search engine optimization and Shanghai dragon group of words may not be the same. Since it is a keyword value we can not let go.


you see, in fact, we love Shanghai in search of website promotion, website promotion as well as the standard red tips, even if the 28 Title do not appear in the website promotion website title is the same can be a very good optimization. The reason is because they are synonyms.

is promoted between two words, according to the correlation between these two words is the most relevant. On this point we can put two words together, thus greatly enhance the correlation between web site, if you post the websites of two keywords are ranked. Users in the search keywords into two when the user experience with similar sites if equal, then your website is undoubtedly more competitive. Why? The reason is because your website area is larger than others, such as we do these two words pump and water pump, the pump can also search others into my website, and with others search pump sites like experience. So my site audience "

on the other hand these words are very easy to do, if we can pump this word do up, actually like a pump this word is also very easy to do. Like some stone BBS in Shanghai love performance, we look at

on page second, but is also very good rankings. For a long time no one managed, actually 28 is the same, it is also a group of such words. For example, network promotion and website promotion, we look at


recently in a called pump industry, suddenly found between the original synonyms and transaction flow is quite good. Before this really did not notice, that is actually the pump with the pump are synonymous, but not the same name, actually mean exactly the same. As the Shanghai dragon and search engine optimization, as long as you put the word Shanghai dragon, you can easily put the word search engine optimization up to do, you see your SEO Forum Search Shanghai dragon can also search to search, search engine optimization is to search. If you do two words at the same time, regardless of what words are good, because these two words are mutual promotion, of course, as long as these two words have the value of. I like this in fact with the pump pump industry is valuable, so I also do two words.


And one reason is because

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