Shanghai dragon veteran how to use an article writing teach you

is the second, can write, but not enough depth, saw themselves are not convinced, not to mention others. In addition to submission being returned is deleted.

believes that for many webmaster, site outside the chain, point out the event marketing, and even can be said to be nothing difficult, handy, but mention writing. I guess many webmaster immediately without a spirit of head, not that writing is very difficult, but for most of us write house is indeed a painful thing. Some owners even said, can not let me write. Although this is a joke, but it expressed many webmaster heart.


first we analysis we often encounter problems.

for second kinds of friends, very happy to say to you. You have been out of the first pass, the creation is no longer your difficulties, you have to do is to refine their views. The Internet webmaster circle every day there are too many to count the articles published, the same view will appear in different forms of the carrier, you want to be eye-catching, then you must be novel, to innovation. Just imagine when others are in praise of WeChat marketing NB, you follow their ass also said WeChat marketing how right? Obviously not too.

, do not know what to write, which want to write, which are not written, want to take the pen for 20 minutes, a word did not knock out.

is the creation of this matter, will not be difficult, hard not to. Write text is not only the need of inspiration, and the written expression ability, for always love operation friends it really hard. But there are things of a soft, or so. Master some skills for writing not the webmaster can bring a qualitative leap. So soft, how to write

in the first case, apparently for everything without a careful observation. Or say they don’t have a good point. Write articles are mostly based on their own experience and knowledge of information sharing, you want to write, write well, you must own in this industry for many years and has long been concerned, a web series you let him to write the chain operation examples do? Wen Road has one. Specialize in. The article written before, we want to give yourself a position, what you are good at what you love, what to write, do not think that this will be the idea of the limitations of their own lives, but rather more detailed classification more conducive to their own play. It was thin, you also want to write is not in a powerful and unconstrained style, to find their own things? So for the first case of friends, find their strongest point, and then began to write the article, so you can have confidence in writing.

the above two problems is that many webmaster most headache, unlike oral expression, the compiler needs a control logic thinking ability and arrangement, we need to speak out his mind, it is essential that a rational.

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