As you read your website optimization goal is what Shanghai Dragon

as a Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon believes that many colleagues would agree that Shanghai Longfeng goal is website ranking. Congratulations! Wrong!

then you will ask, website optimization goal, not do keywords ranking, what will

the second stage, website optimization is the goal of ranking. After the site was collected, the next thing to do, is that many people are aware of the site keywords ranking optimization". At this time, you can put all your special skills are made, in order to complete this goal. However, you are using with white or black hat Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon. This aside.

the fourth stage, the customer transformation, improve the conversion rate. A ranking is not a purpose, even the flow is not the purpose, the key is to see how much of the conversion rate, the number of customers to your website and eventually buy your product or service. Compared with the keyword ranking, in fact, the conversion rate of only many webmaster, Shanghai dragon Er more headaches, more concern. Improve the site conversion rate, is the first priority of website optimization! This is applicable to any website, unless your site is not to make money. So, to provide the conversion rate? I think you should stand in the user’s perspective, to make the user experience.

Website optimization target

network that search engine optimization target is divided into several stages.

fifth stages: brand building. Maybe you are curious, and goals of the fifth stage? Good rankings, so as to improve the conversion rate is not the ultimate goal? NO! Know this only shows that you only know the short-term profit, and ignore the brand building, allow the user to remember you, in order to long-term profitability. For example, search.

is the third phase of the target site is clicked. Now suppose the website of your target keywords ranking has to the home page. Natural home page ranking position, a total of ten. Some Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, through the efforts, finally put the keyword ranking optimization to the home page, or even the optimization to the top 3. However, through the statistical background, you will find that not much traffic to your website. While the same ranking on the first page of seventh or eighth, but perhaps more than you have site traffic. Do you know why? Perhaps your site’s ranking is very good, but you may not be attractive title (just pile up keywords). To attract users to click. Thus, even if the site rankings is good, it may not succeed! "The title also needs to have the marketing ability, to attract users more likely to click on you.

?Dalian Xu

first, the first goal is to be included in website optimization. No matter what your site is a new station, or a K old station. In order to optimize the keywords ranking, the premise is the website home page was collected. Even if your home page has not been included. The other is all talk. About how fast included, please refer to "combat exercise within 24 hours of the sea: new love success!" the novice must change.

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