Online Flower Retailers florist in the nternet era of transformation and rejuvenation


this is from the telephone marketing time goes to a flower shop in the Internet era, in the past thirty years, it is originally a regional small shop grew into an annual income of more than $700 million online platform.

there are many entrepreneurs who are interested in making a new career in this field, perhaps for them, 1-800-Flowers’s story and experience will be of great practical significance and enlightenment.

the growth history of a florist

1986, a store selling gifts of flowers called 1-800-Flowers because of mismanagement, eventually being acquired, the reason is such a strange name, the most direct reason is because this flower shop in the United States began using free telephone service (1-800) order flowers.

in 90s, this coincidence before the little-known nationwide Florist suddenly gained unprecedented popularity: AT& frequent and intensive advertising campaign T launched at the 1992 Olympic Games to make it in the momentum boosted, many sponsors because the Gulf War and the choice of exit time sponsor CNN 1-800, is aware of the significance and value of CNN reports, and to seize this unprecedented opportunity.

in this period of the 1-800 or telephone sales as its main marketing method, it in 1990 revenue of more than 70% from direct sales.

1-800 long ago have been keenly aware of the potential of the Internet, with the AOL in 1994 to become partners in the following year, registered domain name, followed by the Internet business.

1999, the shop received $100 million in financing, and finally listed on NASDAQ in 2008 2007, the cause of the peak, 1-800 revenues of more than $900 million, with the decline of the whole economic situation in the United States, 1-800’s revenues have been seriously affected, but is currently in the recovery of the company’s revenue last year. More than $700 million, an increase of more than 6.6%.

through continuous acquisitions, 1-800 merged a large number of flowers and gifts related companies, trying to build a core business as the core of the online platform.


online florist


from the earliest phone orders, sales of flowers, to the United States is now one of the largest online flower gift vendors, 1-800 growth is a growing story with the development of the internet.

now it mainly takes two sales methods, first, through the cooperation of the next line of cooperation in the physical store delivery, another way is to have their own direct delivery. It can be seen that it acts as two angles

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