High quality standards and external links within the pages of a chain of thinking

1, click on the source

I believe this is also a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice facing the confusion, two websites such as this kind of situation I encountered above the Chengdu studio and rookie Shanghai Longfeng forum, the chain is easily lost to 1W, ranked outside the chain of hundreds of opponents, and ultimately determine the relationship with the quality of the chain. The following discusses the characteristics of the chain should have excellent down from the ideal situation.

2, one-way spontaneous

to discuss the best chain, I think the chain without this type of writing, the quality of the chain articles are almost never avoid this one. Because the one-way link chain is the best active since we do to the webmaster. To know the site exchange weight Links get a lot less than the one-way, I estimate that only about 30% of that of the latter (note that this is not absolutely accurate, but it should belong to.

No matter what kind of

high quality link what standard, the chain of thinking what is meaningful? We go on to discuss with you and summarize the content, I know this topic and may make a commonplace talk of an old scholar, fell asleep, and then jump out rate is very high, but if you can read it there may be another harvest, especially the fifth, I hope this paper will not let you lose hope "".

have a website about the Chengdu studio, 2 months outside the chain to do 1W, in view of keywords ranking, a month after analysis found no direct relationship between what seems to be the absolute number and ranking of the chain, whether it is Google anchor text of the chain or fall off the marine domain, absolute advantage this number has not brought a qualitative leap to the keywords ranking studio site. The analysis of competitors in the industry suddenly found in front of the website chain rarely actually all in my website. The same situation also appears in the rookie Shanghai dragon forum. Just listen to the other before the Shanghai dragon say the outside chain number and rank is not directly related, but widely and the quality of the chain, now a few months experience, helpless people gradually feel bitter, so I read the classic analysis of opponents, want to know, in the end what kind of chain good is the chain, the chain will make what kind of ranking a qualitative leap.

I’m not currently this kind of exchange links, so the next time you encounter a high traffic, less chain website and I exchange a similar link, I will accept and maintain long-term cooperation.

station in Shanghai Longfeng angle, the chain is in order to improve the keywords ranking means, click on the flow usually do not require, particularly in Links, but the intention is to click on the link flow. If you can get a good traffic chain is good, even if there are nofollow and jump characteristics, Shanghai dragon is to flow, click on such is more direct, and don’t forget to click on the link, and the access rate also has great benefits to the website of Shanghai dragon.

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