The difference analysis of search engine and noble love Shanghai baby

noble baby pay more attention to the chain of the page elements is not so sensitive, such as keywords in page appear density and position. The noble baby pays more attention to the quality and quantity of external links, keywords of the chain that must be reflected in the anchor text, want to get good rankings in the noble baby, the chain construction is one of the necessary steps. Love is the sea of foreign chain dependence is relatively small, compared to the degree of correlation of the page, for example in the correct position words help to love Shanghai rankings, if your keyword accumulation is also very easy to be punished.

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two, the chain:

, included:

included in the aspect of noble baby is more relaxed on the new station and the new page, regardless of weight level, even if the collection content, are easy to be included. But there is a sandbox noble baby, new noble baby sandbox for a period of time it is difficult to get good rankings, regardless of how to optimize the site. But love Shanghai on the contrary, many new sites to be included in Shanghai love is a difficult problem that needs a long time of assessment, but once they are included, some aspects are easy to get good rankings. So new sites to be loved in Shanghai early in the content included, must make more efforts.

The weight of

, three other aspects:

on the front page of the site to give the love of Shanghai is relatively high, the noble baby on the web page each alike, whether the home page or channel page. A search in the noble baby, return mostly inside pages. Do you want to get a relatively good ranking in the love of Shanghai, we must rely on the home page. The front page of the architecture, and the content must be reasonable.

love Shanghai update frequency, on the website of the update rule is valued, continue to regularly increase website content can effectively improve the site’s ranking in Shanghai. Noble baby is not so sensitive.

in a certain period of time love Shanghai ranked often change radically, especially new sites, so the flow will therefore under uncertainty, a site to do good health, key distribution and reasonable structure, high quality of the chain, will get good rankings in Shanghai within a short time, but in a short time it is not very stable. While the baby is gradual of noble rank, in a few months is steady growth, not a point in time of explosive growth. For the site of the punishment is even more so, love Shanghai ranking may disappear overnight, this is less noble baby, unless there is a serious cheating.

in China, love Shanghai occupies the dominance of search engine, about 77.2% of the share, down is a noble baby, about 12.7% of the share. In the world, and noble baby is the leader, the same is the search engine I will give you brief summary introduce subtle difference between them, for your reference.

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