Large website and enterprise station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

large sites, are based on the number of units of the million level page, in million level page long tail word ranking, we cannot say to every page to give it a detailed optimization, go to get it what the chain, this is not realistic, even without your own related tools, don’t even know what page is what the long tail word ranking, in which search engines so want to go one by one to do, basically equal to the impossible.

this is a very important problem, because the overall amount included, you can also affect how many pages can go to the competition long tail word ranking. Just like in the Olympics, you again how a small country can not have so China get awards, because of what, because I take part in the competition of many people, the probability of large. So, just like a collection of the right to compete, if don’t want to get the ranking, I said, do you believe?

station and enterprise stand optimization strategy, do you do not worry about enterprise stand ranking page (home) collection, now included into how to improve the work of the most important content. So, one does not adapt, this is normal.

large stations, mainly rely on the long tail word to all kinds of page, page to the amount is often less than 1%, when you just want to put the home page optimization is good, means that you will lose 99% of the traffic, this is a contradiction.

so we can only go on the overall operation, use of existing resources, such as chain, not within the chain layout problem discussed here, first discuss the more important, how to increase the overall number of chain. It will improve the overall number included, and come out how to improve the overall amount included?

Here you will find large differences in Why

enterprise station, it is to rely on home to, that is to rely on some key words Title layout of the home page ranking to flow. So, we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, is to own access to resources, put these words can be placed on the front page, which is usually the chain, inside the chain, ZhengZhan content relevance, timeliness and content of some of the more basic work, or other means is special. We just need to give it alone to do optimization work, basically do not have to worry about this page this page included the problem.

Enterprise Station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy, to large website body will not need it? Please look at the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon.Ee, optimization of information, the most important point is that the overall flow of the background which has undergone great changes.

this also explains why the enterprise stand side, do good people do not necessarily do well station station, people do a better enterprise station does not also do well, because one is the implementation level is a strategic level, enterprises do well that execution is good, do good strategy station good.

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