How to make love of home of Shanghai Shanghai Dragon Technology Application

from the search words and search results, which is associated with a lot of accurate search, keywords and application;

Application analysis of

Shanghai channel so appear on the show when the game is all application channel.

search product positioning

2. have a great relationship with the love of Shanghai application.

love Shanghai Shanghai dragon start from:

in several ways like Shanghai demonstrate the application of search

1. love Shanghai search keywords "calendar"


3. positioning and product naming is of great relevance.


search results show love Shanghai application figure:

The utility of Love is a game application


> Figure product classificationKeywords

4. keywords competition degree, weight and application of love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia, library, quizzes and other products in Shanghai is quite the weight of love.

3. love Shanghai search keywords "cookbook" appeared as a result of


3. keywords (calendar, recipes, games) is mainly reflected in the life of query, casual game entertainment.

love Shanghai

through different search keywords love Shanghai application of several different display modes:

2. love Shanghai search keywords "game" the result of


1. and love Shanghai application channel, there is a certain relationship between classification.




ranking factorsKeywords

love Shanghai application keywords ranking factors to realize the localization of



can be seen from the graph directly shows the 365 calendar application, right there are several different applications, but from the perspective of the number of comments and the number of star sixty thousand is higher than the 365 week calendar, the display may be through the pay to show.

is a practical application of recipes now no keywords and keyword accurate matching of the application, but there is love this recipe classification in Shanghai application, so that the classification and application of a certain relationship.


from the above several applications show the way love Shanghai love Shanghai Application Search



search application name "4. love Shanghai love Shanghai application of the Museum of Hubei province

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