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for the original, Shao Lianhu’s personal understanding is to use their own language to do it is original. For example, articles, videos, pictures etc.. If you copy others that is not according to their own language creation. For the original problem. A lot of people, a lot of people are not. Because the original need to waste a lot of time and energy. Do not know if you have not done graphic tutorials. Write an article to make many pictures, have layout. But some people don’t know how to write the original.

love Shanghai Encyclopedia: original (English: Original: Japanese Tokyo, her nano) refers to the creation, or create new works, but not by reproduction, adaptation, imitation, plagiarism, plagiarism, two time series creation, or derivative works.

these days is a controversial issue, that is love Shanghai love original or quality. Many users also cited many examples of love Shanghai love the original quality, may not be able to get the favor of love Shanghai. So many users believe that the Shanghai dragon doesn’t need original, reproduced by the quality of some of the content on it. Of course, there are still some users think that the original is the most important. For this problem Shao Lianhu and we want to say their views. Because I am afraid that some users for this topic will be so far away.

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general veteran Shanghai Longfeng almost all know to do original content value. They will share some of their own learning experience, or learn some knowledge to share. They each write an original content all know what is this article to express the meaning, what can provide assistance to users, or what inspired, or to tell the user what. I like the title of the site is not set, but read an article on the website of the title is set after the article I, this article can be said to be valuable content.

Shao Lianhu also so confused. Shanghai dragon and every day to write some meaningless or blind write some of the original. Your every day happened, some ideas are written out. Some things sometimes also wrote their quarrel. I think this is the original, just to write the website will do. Sometimes according to their own ideas to write some good article that. But I insist to write blog for more than a year ago that original writing really is not to write some articles, reproduced than I wrote those meaningless good articles.


to Shanghai dragon written meaningless original

for the understanding of the original

three, to talk about those things

illustrate the acquisition station no original website ranking is very good. But, why don’t you take for example some don’t >

, talk about the "original" those things

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