How to solve the website high but no traffic problems

two, ranking up also can not guarantee the traffic worries

, and included a new snapshot, there is no direct relationship between

method is very simple:

long tail keywordsThe

three, can solve the traffic problems of

ranking does not appear in the primary key, in such a way to add the contents of the site, while doing outside the chain to improve website weight, can be in the early site to bring some good traffic, which can solve the problem of site traffic. >

to your content in front of the user search, the first thing to do is to make your content fewer competitors, this requires the original content is high; if you can not meet this point, we need to increase the weight of the website, let your web site in a competitor’s website ranking.

3, depending on the user search volume to prepare an article or article, for each long tail keywords upload sites, points is the best of these long tail keywords placed in the title, so easy to increase the users search and matching time, thus ranking, increase the click probability.

and flow The front can bring more

website to have traffic, not the keyword ranking. But some key half will do not go up, so this time we do not. When the main keyword ranking not when you need to make up for the long tail keywords traffic sources. I teach you a stupid but very practical way to develop good and long tail keywords bring traffic.

Before the

when the user search keywords of your site row of traffic, but there is a premise that your user search keywords "so you don’t sit up keyword will have traffic, but also to ensure that your chosen keywords are user search for. I want a web site before the word "beauty", the fact that few users would like to search, so the station the keywords do go up, what does not flow. This is the truth.

1, select your primary keyword;

website is very high, snapshots are very new, but not what flow. I recently encountered such a good website, to help you analyzed it, for such a problem some of the views, here to share with you.

2, using the keyword recommended tools, get your long tail word of this key recommendation;


many people mistakenly believe that as long as the website included high always from the search engine where to get some traffic, in fact. First, that is to say a ranking problem, online similar content so much, but often only the user to view the first page, even the top of the search results, so even if your website is high, but can not go to the front row, this is the reason why traffic is much less affected.

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