Google advertising Wangzhuan really already past times

recently a lot of friends in the station to rely on e-commerce, or to rely on the site charges..

In conclusion we feel

GOOGLE advertising Wangzhuan era has passed.

I’m here to give my opinion.

first look at my website this PS site has a little experience.

was built in early 07, and then sold at the end of the year. These days just frame.

The reason why

sold, and everyone else, I love this PHOTOSHOP network lost information.

at that time, remember, on the one hand, traffic is always not high, has been around 5000PV, IP at around 800. And the price of the end of the life, remember that only 0.02 less than the average.

why is it now,


I reflect on the problems of the previous business, summed up the following.

first, publicity. Only in the site where I advertised. Development to more than 2 thousand members, in fact, when there are members of the, then PV and IP on the top and almost. To the number of members to reach 7000, or so much traffic. The key is to do only the pre publicity, did not do publicity. Web site is to be propaganda, this is very important.

second, wangzhuan. GOOGLE advertising is a channel to make money. Sometimes we think, most of the site if you think about it, there will be in addition to advertising revenue. For example, I remember a picture network. . forget, webmaster is a female, and the ADMIN5 also interviewed at the beginning of the fish. They are also 07 years of establishment, to this year, there are more than 1 thousand of the income. 07 years at the beginning of the site is just interested, I did not expect the basic monthly income so high.

I saw the site, as if CCTV118 is a point CN or point COM I forgot. We can try.

so, sell in the station, must think more, if it is really lost money on the site, confidence, or wait and see.

is not GOOGLE Wangzhuan times in the past, we are to have a deeper understanding of wangzhuan.

remember just a few days before the beginning of the 0 US, not the fart fart shop.

is now up to 2US, or so, think about it, have turned over several times.

I don’t know how GG was able to make money by

before 2000

all I know is that I don’t have any money.

at ease, do not easily give up GG, many think again elsewhere in the site Wangzhuan, keep GG ads, at least, it’s enough to pay your fee income space.

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