How to do the chain to improve the ranking


finally, the chain to stability. The three day sun for two days fishing nets do not matter, the chain every day in a certain range of stable > continues to increase.

first of all, we have to analyze what the chain to help ranking, which does not help, discard the dross and select the essence. After the screening, selected for ranking chain help do place, but do too much the chain in the same place not. Because it does not accord with the link, also is not able to reach the realm of Rome road. How to analyze, can refer to three points: 1) the weight of each other, this is now the chain first to see, if a weight is not high to do outside the chain, the search engine will be considered junk chain, in order to external chain and chain. This ranking in fact no positive effects, only the negative effect. 2) collected snapshot, old and new. I put the two together, because if the collection is not good, that this site is not friendly to the search engine, there may still be the observation period, oneself in the chain above, if the site is injured, their chance will be compromised, a new snapshot, The loss outweighs the gain., it included fast, they do not included a few days the chain, that is not equal to the white do? No collection of the chain is not against the chain. Only be collected to be outside the chain of your site. 3) can send links. Now the web site for the link is restricted more and more deep, as long as there were links, no matter how good your article, immediately. So, this is a waste of time, but also a waste of energy, not what.

then, we do the chain, will encounter many restrictions, so we should how to bypass the restrictions? Post is to share the mentality, only in the shared case, others will be more likely to accept your ads or links, don’t just send a web site name and URL even a that post, readability is not high, even by the search engine included, after a few days will be deleted, because each space has a size limit, when the search engine storage space can not put, will remove some useless, so that only one site is the first choice to get rid of and, we should pay attention to practical posts, others feel that this method is useful to oneself or experience, to the point, so this post will fire up, the fire, the natural look of the people Up, then it is to spread.

chain can be in a certain range for the influence of the ranking is not small. I think we all know, this is why so many webmaster friends every day in the chain. HAO123 founder Li Xingping Master said, do the ranking is chain. I think this sentence is still useful. So let’s do every day the chain, have analyzed the chain for what has the function of improving rankings, contrary to what evil ranking, and even brought trouble upon the right to the website K? The chain is actually to Rome road. Only the strong chain can be called all roads lead to Rome. How can we get these road construction, please see the following articles

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