At the beginning of the Spring Festival at Google too much advertising site

may also affect our normal site advertising number for subsequent Google for advertising algorithm to update and punishment, we will need to continue to attention. This article by Taobao slimming products 贵族宝贝 original, starting

and Google also said that this algorithm updates and not on individual pages, but rather focus on the overall design of the entire site. A big impact for those advertising sites are not appropriate. The change of the algorithm and ranking the punishment is primarily for those websites advertising radical site.

Google search engineer Matt Cutts in an article in the blog said, this algorithm changes will affect 1% of the global search. According to the comScore survey, the 1% is not a small number, because the number of daily use of Google search is not less than 3 billion.

search engine’s purpose is to provide higher quality search results for the search. As a giant Google search engine, during the Spring Festival in China has updated its a panda algorithm, that is to strengthen the punishment for the page ranking improve too much advertising site. Google said in January 20, 2012 that a new method of adjustment will give because advertising can not provide to the user friendly experience site ranking reduced. At the same time, Google hinted that this project has been from November last year began to implement the.

A5 This algorithm changes the Google


this change will affect less than 1% of the search results, which means that, in the 100 search in that only one person will find the search results from the new ranking. If you think there is a site effect update of this algorithm, you can analyze the advertising layout and covered the main content is, makes users want content cannot be found in the shortest time.

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