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now stationmaster industry had not what fresh vocabulary, even our three cities have emerged many rely on the Internet to a man of God, had to change the number of Internet emotion generation power. Not only that, now the webmaster more and more young people, many are still in school students began to have their own website, as to why so early in career, they are always webmaster ease, free time, very comfortable, will rely on this to make money. Perhaps this is the most novice webmaster to understand this, Kobayashi just want to say from graduation to now 2 years, I have done a number of websites, has also experienced a lot and the ideal is not the same thing, now I finally know any kind of occupation are will have a good shot, the period we must pay a lot of hard work and thinking.


project that you want to copy at the right time, otherwise the patient

For many young people

Facebook’s success saw the advent of the era of entrepreneurship, yes, in this particular business and efficient society, how to put a good idea into production force is our every entrepreneur needs to solve the problem. At this point, Zuckerberg is doing better than any of us. So from here, said when the webmaster friends, how should we understand this sentence, Kobayashi view is appropriate for the replication of some of the more promising projects, which reminds us of the 2009 Taobao customer business, when Taobao passenger business competition is not so intense now, some by copying at the same time, a number of business type of the website has now earned full of gold, so we see a good project for us to quickly copy, first come first served, but this does not mean that we should "Fen development projects, regardless of who, impatient forward. Witkey website fire or as a friend, group purchase a Witkey management system and website template on a web site, think now Witkey influence to make a fortune, but that is not the case, not only the release of any registered merchants scanty, the member is very rare, it reminds us of the development of Witkey hidden behind, because now lie release events emerge in an endless stream, Witkey is not so good at market reputation, many practitioners have the ability to begin to create their own unique brand, and in the development potential of this, too impatient to get involved in the Witkey website is an irrational behavior.

is the Internet based online,

online and offline development cooperation

said the profitability of owners, many of my friends would say by click on the ads and online services, all cannot do without the Internet, just begin to contact the webmaster industry, Kobayashi also think so, since it is thought that the industry should be completely Wangzhuan rely on the Internet, no one involved in real life. I found but later do not stability is too big, because now many webmaster like me put too much focus on Baidu, every day we go back to check the chain, site included site, as if the whole.

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