Wangzhuan five step step as boundless as the sea and sky

not every Wangzhuan way is suitable for everyone, as compared with the current fire foreign Wangzhuan click, can really make money just a few people, but the majority of people are obsessive – including me! Did not want to step back, and then take another look ~ maybe it you can have a new discovery, and find a really suitable for their own Internet! Here in my personal experience, write down roughly like me Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice bitter! Hope to have a little help to everyone

beginner first step (mysterious Wangzhuan):

is a mysterious temple into the Wangzhuan referral link in a recruitment online, began to promote a website registered in the referral link, began to believe in the development of the three line and three line and nine line development. Like the myth… ~ start to post hope can realize later that the original myth… The myth is a fake


Wangzhuan second step (I believe it):

know that participated in the survey Wangzhuan really can make money, had to click on ads also can really make money, there are people higher click a month can earn tens of thousands of original Wangzhuan is really

The third step (

Wangzhuan I let others believe it):

believes that by investigation can also click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan business, then to post, to pull off the assembly line, to teach the child to let others also believe that the Internet can really make money, others also believe that I can really make money online, so I really earn money

The fourth step (it

earns the wages of migrant workers):

Alipay began to receive a small number ranging from RMB PP, AP also began to receive legend long dollars, but I soon become crawling on the computer I was crazy, I didn’t catch Wangzhuan, do any other things, after seeing the lose, I know I lost, lost in Wangzhuan in this! Is human life, not the life I want. I had no energy to tell off novices can earn five hundred yuan beauty story.

The fifth step (the

Wangzhuan step back):

want to sleep for ten days, suddenly think of my girlfriend’s birthday, I told her I was in Wangzhuan, she also knows that I made a little money on the Internet, but I never told her that I do is click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan or investigation etc. money. That is not what the but the glory ~ ~ ~ I want to step back! Never go to the point of what advertising ~ ~ never to tell other people to point what advertising ~ if live so tired even if you earn the garden what rare ~ not to mention what you earn is not much I think I love easy day, then step back, exit bound advertising chain I also hungry when I don’t miss the Wangzhuan, I decided to go running a website and my girlfriend


I know she will be interested in the site, from know her to now I still owe her three birthday present, not I don’t want to send her, I didn’t find it worth me to give

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