Follow the three dedicated Taobao website to make money

then do find a part-time job on the Internet, Taobao is undoubtedly the premier guest recommended a good project, from 09 to 10 years, I found that Taobao fired off extra heat, some Taobao customers of the glorious deeds of expert in the media constantly emerging exposure, so the "Taobao" a night network fame. Just as the violent star overnight. Understand and do not understand the network of people who have to study online Taobao how to make money, of course, I also did not hesitate to enter the position of Taobao customers, but started a little late, the official entry into the Taobao has so far two months. The Taobao army occupied the guest go forward with great strength and vigour to make money on the army team a space for one person, but the uneven level of individual soldiers mastered the attack Road, so make more money, while the individual soldier is still hard struggle learning stage, still wandering, a month will Amoy a eighty yuan, even is 0. I was lucky, the first month to achieve revenue of nearly two thousand yuan, a week on the station to station optimization to Baidu home page, so the first month from Taobao made of gold, of course, all in the plan implementation, so everything is not surprised.

recently, Baidu a sudden adjustment for many Taobao passenger soldiers in disarray, the cattle station no longer a cow, income fell significantly. And many of the little-known small but rapidly raised, occupied the positions, income rose significantly. Some like some anger, some people think that Baidu is more conducive to the development of the network and small and medium-sized webmaster, some people think that Baidu is a challenge to Taobao, saying different. But anyway, for our webmaster, wants to obtain long-term money, it would have to do six words "professional and dedicated", seemingly three words a meaning, but carefully, meaning there is a big difference, the author focuses on the three key words about how to consolidate and reinforce the Taobao customer a website to make money.


to have a professional site, the promotion of basic skills, but this is not the only reason to win. If you have a professional site and promotion of technology, then Taobao customers make money easier. Of course, you can master this professional to others, let others help you to complete. Here to say is to do a unique Taobao guest website. If you want to make money in the short term, it is their own or find someone to do a the one and only Taobao guest website, carefully consider how to do user experience, not only do the propaganda of knowledge, it is more important to do to let others to buy you a single product promotion. I spent three days to find a friend to help me, in accordance with the design requirements of a source code, the source code is not the atmosphere, but pay more attention to the user experience and search engine love is very simple, a small source, do for users and search engines of the one and only, so I launched three days into the Baidu keyword home, half a month’s time, the website title four words all entered the Baidu home page, and is very stable. It has to be said that a unique source is of vital importance. Of course, the premise that you can not get rid of the basic SEO. Certain original and pseudo original is to have. >

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