See how used the dumpster to get the money

at the beginning of 08, is catching up with the general trend of CN Admin5 meters, I would have registered more than CN meters, was registered with the play anyway, not a few money. But then thought, so many meters left is a waste, so simply rented a virtual space of 1G, the Internet under a lot of garbage, little changes, add some GG ads on the inside, each meter tied to a program, so I set up a group of garbage station.

some people say that these garbage stations, a no flow, two no PR, even if the investment in GG advertising inside, a penny a day income will not be. Is the beginning of a month or so, indeed, I will also stand to the Baidu and GG and other major search engines landing, about 1 months later, these stations are more or less included the engine slowly, also began to flow, although each station may be only a few IP ten about, but add up these stations IP around 500, GG revenue every day also have a few tenths of a knife, if you rely on this income, I was in this rant, you people don’t laugh ah, ha ha.

to continue, I have two normal station, one is the NBA video, the other one is the computer show (CN), two stations are 3 PR, I will connect the two stations are my garbage station, but also ask my friends to help, they will the station is on the connection. So after coming to an end, then there is no reason the garbage station. It wasn’t long before the PR of these stations began to rise, some 1, and some of the. I started to sell the connection on the Admin5 connection 2, each 3 yuan less, more than 7, 8 yuan, calculated that the average monthly money selling garbage station connected with about 2, 30 yuan of money, I have a month income of around 300 yuan.

due to the Admin5 contact the buyer to find the connection every day, bargaining is a waste of time, but recent work busy, so I will handle all of these stations, the program +PR+cn domain name 200 yuan each, the program +PR+cn domain name + space for each 350 yuan, after all, in addition to the cost of space plane income of nearly 3000 yuan.

actually do dumpster revenue there are many methods, I was just one of them, there are a lot of people believe that clever method more, hope you enlighten me.

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