The four rule tells novice how to open Taobao shop to better adjust the shop

for a new Taobao store, what is the most important? First, the most important thing is not for profit, not to make money and how will their goods sell out, can let more customers pay, this is the most important. A novice how to better sell their products out of the four rules for the novice to open Taobao shop how to better adjust the store must remember.

Article 1: store product adjustment

1, product title adjustment

Title Adjustment specific principles:

keyword must choose according to their actual situation of the product, do not blindly to choose a large amount of search keywords, suggest that we choose the current baby number is relatively small, the flow is also good;

title to cover as much as possible the key words, the need for a combination of ability;

must make full use of Taobao to the title of the 30 words.

2, product image adjustment

too rigid physical map is unable to show better effect, can impact on the consumer’s vision, so we try to find some good model renderings, which can not only enrich their product images and increase the product appearance

3, baby description adjustment

baby description is mainly for some Taobao sellers from their own business where the data packets to be modified after the focus. Many of the details provided by the business package is not complete, then this time how to do? Since the property is not complete, we have to find ways to improve it. For the introduction of the product we must write some of the relevant content, such as the function of the product, the meaning of the product, etc..

4, window recommended

this is what the housework needs to be done. Must be through the software or manual way to their products on the shelf time allocated to increase store base popularity. Products on the shelf time suggest that you are assigned from Monday to Friday morning 10:30 to 12:00,13:00 to 17:00,19:00 to 23:30 this time period; it is recommended that every 15 minutes on the shelves of a product. Remember that the shelf is due to expire on the 10 baby plus window recommendation, expired after the abolition of the recommendation, and then added to the block under the shelf expired products. In addition, the highest sales of 5-10 products must always be recommended window.

two, store price adjustment

1, a reasonable price is a new rapid growth of the biggest magic weapon

How to store

on a reasonable price positioning? No credibility, in store popularity is very low, we use low prices to attract popularity, improve the conversion rate of the fastest. Layered pricing, low price products are responsible for the main source of store popularity, and is not responsible for profit;

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