How to make your CJ account $10 thousand a month

first of all, thanks to Mr. Dai Zhikang of DISCUZ, CEO, because one of his stories inspired me. If you don’t know what CJ is, please use Baidu search Commission Junction.

why? Because the report said he when DISCUZ truly open and free, he changed his business model, from the previous member fees on profit pattern, into the station group sales package advertising model, that is to say, if the BENZ to do the advertisement, he will talk to BENZ, because he has all 70% China forum users can share all the auto forum will play BENZ advertising. It is this concept, let me have a new inspiration to do CJ, is the station group model.

by a number of domestic CEO black hat method, with two domain name to stack, let me think of a way to improve, but not to use SEO search engine, but to do my product.

I still chose the following materials:

a good, have a certain PR value of the domain name. A new GOOGLE ADWORDS account. N LP film version. Then I was in CJ, for the first time to find dozens of products that think good, and then find some information about the product carefully read, and most of the products I have used. Then I’ll give it to my assistant and write some English reviews. Here are a few points:

first, must be original product reviews. Here I told him directly about the focus of each product to write what, let my assistant to complete. Here I would like to note that the cheaper the product, the more prominent the cheaper, the more expensive the more prominent products. For example, when doing CJ THINKPAD products, we are mainly a thing, many people think, we find the Lenovo employee coupon code X300 can buy a cheap hundreds of dollars, because of this, very good sales.

second, the product should be more, each product, with a separate domain name to complete the, each product to do a separate LP page, there are a lot of my focus on the sale of the product, I was directly using WP to do the BLOG review.

repeat the above action, I have at least 100 more than two domain name of the station group, to maintain my sales network. Start SEO, because all of the original content, SEO quite good to do, with the help of a number of mass BLOG tools, increasing the number of reverse connection. Finally, ADWORDS is the main auxiliary, I usually save the cost, if a product without competition, or a product optimization well used, but here suggest that when you stand group when a certain number of your ADW price will drop very low, why want to go.

constantly repeat the above operation, so that their stand more

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