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Comconn is a start-up company based in Silicon Valley. Their main business is to help overseas in the sea, to expand the foreign large and medium-sized businesses, has been officially authorized UnionPay, and become one of the 6 global acquirer.

the company is the best opportune advantage. Recently, they have just moved into the office before Google, and the signing of the United States well-known high-quality headset brand Monster (magic). Less than half a year, only 12 of the start-up team, has developed a number of large and medium businesses. Business development speed is not so disappointed that the cup. What is surprising is that Comconn company CEO Wang Yuanbo was a quasi 90 students.

cross-border payment opportunities brought about by

at the end of 2013, Comconn was founded in Silicon Valley, California, USA. UT Starcom founder Wu Ying introduced only 25 year old Wang Yuanbo to join the team. Later, Wang Yuanbo began to play the leading role in the team, becoming the person responsible for Comconn.

Wang Yuanbo, born in 1989. He has a wealth of management experience, 20 year old founder of the first company dedicated to the development of electronic business platform, within 5 years, to help manage 5 home appliance supplier companies; at the same time, taught at University of Southern California, "Losangeles Business Journal" in 2014 was named one of the best 20 20 year old CEO. With his unique understanding of the U.S. market, led the rapid development of Comconn, the rapid expansion of the U.S. market, seize the initiative.

talked about Wang Yuanbo’s personal experience, studied in the United States he can be keenly aware of a great demand for overseas UnionPay cards at the time. As a result of the requirements of immigration management, I am often worried about how to bring tuition and living expenses to the United States, had to allow parents to send money regularly, but such a high fee." At that time, he realized that foreign students share more than $20 billion a year for the U.S. economy. Among them, the Chinese students directly provide more than 4 billion 400 million U.S. dollars in revenue. American colleges and universities have now paid attention to the online payment of UnionPay projects, and seek to cooperate with the relevant qualifications of the third party payment companies.

on the Chinese market, in addition to foreign students to bring cross-border payment needs, but also to allow foreign consumption to increase the pace of overseas market expansion UnionPay payment. According to statistics, since 2013, the National Day Golden Week 7 days, Chinese outbound luxury consumption accumulations of about 4 billion 100 million euros, plus overseas incomplete statistics invisible consumption and luxury consumer services, consumer spending should be more than 6 billion 500 million euros. China’s golden week has become the most important luxury consumer market cycle.

is not satisfied with the current mode of consumption abroad. Not only has $50 thousand in annual swap quota, and because the payment channel is not smooth, many consumers have had to travel a lot of cash. Therefore, the bank quickly open up overseas payment channels imperative. This provides entrepreneurial opportunities for Comconn. >

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