Xiao Wu Chuan on Wangzhuan spirit, teach new way to make money (a)

in popularity since the computer Wangzhuan become a pronoun that is as everyone knows, but the network on the network to make money, money really pay? Entry on the Internet every day people can not rely on the Internet to earn billions of dollars, the livelihood of the people at least millions, but really can not figure family on the Internet more than 100 thousand, it is difficult to find.

today Takeshi webmaster borrow the occasion of national day to talk about the way you are, Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Adsense ads and so on in the end how to walk, I hope to help people in this industry. Now the first look into the Wangzhuan industry needs the condition of it, tomorrow to talk about money conditions.

Wangzhuan industry first step: whether to adjust the good mentality, whether prepared a protracted war.

wants to become a real Wangzhuan, attitude is the first, not a good attitude is unable to withstand the test of the Internet, said the Internet the Internet is not actually good money, good money, but by the attitude of money, as a higher first to set up the "mentality" of

1 want to make money mentality. I believe that many Wangzhuan have all this one mind, but here want to make money is not purely to make money, but to learn to be a legitimate way to make money, some people see some friendly way to make money on the Internet, but also to learn to do, in the end is harmful to others.

2 protracted war mentality. This is not a matter of one or two days, not months, but a year or even years before they can succeed, if not a good stick, give up halfway, the final is a waste of money but also a waste of human waste of energy. In a middle school will do Wangzhuan industry protracted war mentality is the fundamental foothold wangzhuan.

3 lonely mind. Maybe you are not with friends on the Internet, not his girlfriend, but you have to remember that you are a higher, higher person must learn to endure loneliness, if you don’t learn to endure loneliness, I suggest you to read more books, locked himself in a small room, learned you come out, do Wangzhuan.

The second step:

Wangzhuan industry time capital adequacy, family support is also very important.

really want to do a Wangzhuan, no funds that do offline, do the first step into a lot of new toil, do Wangzhuan industry is the toil, but doing so useful toil? Takeshi say to you: No. Time and money is a necessary element of wangzhuan.

1 money can make money. A few chickens can be hatched chickens, also the reason, reasonable money can also earn more money, if there is no money to do Wangzhuan, 1 years later, Xiao Wu see you still earn hundreds of pocket money every month, this is purely a waste of time wasted.

2 time is essential in wangzhuan. As a higher time is very important, the time >

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