Golden Wangzhuan talk about how to make the hot hits

on the network, we will find such a phenomenon, as a point of view, why people in different ways, but got so obvious differences? Some article hits is very high, some hit rate is so low.

I think everyone wants to know the truth, want to know why is the same in others is recommended to the home page or click on the high quantity, we can only be buried in the corner? As a network of people, I would like to according to their own research on the marketing of soft red Wangzhuan view:

first, published articles to self marketing

as the saying goes: Every bean has its black.! If you are writing a great person, often write articles, the effect is also very good, the occasional article visits is not high, you may feel not to regard it as right.

is there a way to let the each traffic you are very high. We all know Chinese master, because there are a lot of philosophical statements, and in front of each phrase will add their own views, so when we see their works may be over two times we may not remember, but the more I remember. It is worth noting that these philosophical things can’t be casually, lane is bad when the effect we can get. If you dare to add your opinion in front of your article, you are fully prepared for your own opinion, or else it would be a rock pick on your own feet.

second, each article is not always written to the soft

what is the soft soft factors? In the article and self promotion, the purpose is to make your products is also may be your own, but if your posts are more or less involved in advertising, even if readers do not bother, I think network editors are tired of the marketing is indeed very good for our website promotion, but everything is when the effect. If you really want to let everyone you love, including the love of your article, you must not let everyone in every article you have seen ads, actually no ads in the article is a promotion of your own.

third, the title to write

as the saying goes, a good title is half the success of an article. A lot of people write in "article how high traffic", has been the title of the article in a prominent role, said several techniques to increase traffic, actually this kind of practice is not without its truth, but some are too. You can imagine, if you really have a good title to change the amount of access, then we change the title every day. Don’t work so hard every day to write the article and the pains. To tell the truth, a good title does bring a high level of access. So how to grasp the method of the title, how to make the title seems easy to understand and grasp the reader’s eye can create new styles? Here I want to tell you a secret.

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