Discuz free space provided by 5d6d can also play Google Adsense

now find a good point of the virtual host is really not easy, the recent study of the discuz forum system based on the free 5d6d.com program, I feel very good.

1, free unlimited space

2, free use of two domain name xxx.5d6d.com, you can also bind their own top-level domain name

3, can be modified to add advertising code

is said to be flexible, because the 5d6d program provided by Discuz is closing the advertising settings. However, we use a little bit of skill, or can put ads in the forum.

go to apply for a 5d6d free space and two level domain name, do not spend a penny can also open a website, Why not??
in free space, free forum system: www.topzj.com  www.u1001.com  www.ttsite.com 

GoogleAdsense new guide and common problems of />

, a registered

click on the top right of the banner station to enter the Google Adsense registration page.

Google does not support Chinese, fill in the registration registration after Pinyin cannot change the name of payer or country / region name, but if there are special circumstances need to change by mail and Google Adsense by the librarian to help you modify.

two, waiting for Google Adsense reply 2-7 the other day, Google Adsense will send a letter titled "Welcome _Google_AdSense" message to you, that your site has passed Google Adsense audit, can publish Google Adsense ads; you may also receive a rejection by the audit the mail, the mail will tell you not through the examination of the reasons, such as what the site has dead links, or site in violation of the provisions of the content, if you need to continue to apply, then you can reply after solving these problems, Google Adsense told you they mentioned the problem has been solved, then you will usually through the examination of the message received.

three, enable the account to start advertising

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