How to make money online

every day there are a lot of friends to ask me how to make money through the network, but the problem is too big for me, different people, different abilities, different resources, the use of the network to make money naturally different. Here to share some experience, I hope to help some of my friends to take some detours, find their own use of the network to make money in the direction of.

the following ways to make money is very difficult to earn money:

1, the development of offline: this kind of website pattern similar to pyramid schemes, said on the website is after you become a member, according to their model, after a few months you will become a millionaire, and not what is the difference between these schemes, these are a waste of time.

2, surf to make money: this kind of money to earn more than the first received mail, point advertising, brush search tool bar, etc., are basically the kind of cheat click form. In the last month, it is estimated that $1 will not earn. While most of the funds have accumulated to a certain, to collect the money. So this way to make money, but also almost wasted money can not make money.

3, domain name investment: often see the news, so the domain name sold hundreds of thousands, sold millions, and so on, so you may also invest in domain names. The real fact is that you want to rely on domain names to make money, almost difficult to touch the lottery winning. Because there are tens of thousands of people engaged in investment in the domain name, and the real money on those few people, most people are losing money. Moreover, the good domain name of this era, almost No.


out of order network method, I wasted nearly two years, by the way of making money out of order, not enough money cost. But in recent years, their real slowly began to make use of the network to make money, and then found that the network is actually very simple to make money. Is his past to the too complicated, no way.

how to use the Internet to make money?

here to share a majority of the current domestic owners of the network to make money model.


model is super simple: website, make flow, make advertising


if you have not done, you may feel difficult, in fact, very simple, when you understand, you will find that no technology can also be more big website, as long as you work hard, you can put up with the traffic flow promotion, and make advertising easier. As long as the Internet experience, do three months later, to earn a thousand dollars a month or very easy.

The first step of

, website:

buy a domain name, buy space, the cost of a few hundred dollars can start, this is very basic, it does not talk in detail, the following talk about how to quickly create a website:

do not understand technology, you can also do a great website. How to do it? You can search the source code to download, download the web site. Free of charge.

sites such as:

download site: new cloud system

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