A CPA day to earn 100 ideas

in fact, many methods and ideas are very simple, but 90% of people do not know, I believe many of my friends have done CPA, the general category of friends. But many friends do CPA effect is not good, maybe one day slaving away, will then earn 20 dollars, and some may even have earned less than 20. So, today we bring you a new idea of CPA, let the people willing to act, can earn 100 days to explain below.

let’s take a look at our question: what is the biggest difficulty in doing CPA?

first, the first problem, CPA promotion is not easy. If you are a post to promote CPA, 1000 people see your advertising posts (in fact, the 1000 people see very good). Up to only 100-200 people will go to your promotion link.

and 100 click on the link users, but less than 10 registered (shortcomings: too many steps to reduce the execution of people!)

secondly, the second, is also the biggest problem. Baidu Post Bar, Tianya, mop.com, ifeng.com, high traffic community or forum posts, the audit are very strict, posts with links generally escape deleted doom. Baidu’s big stick is even the chain can not take. Even if you do not delete, because the traffic is too large, the post will soon sink down, and soon disappeared.

so for the above three problems, we use a new way of thinking to do CPA, a good solution to these problems in learning methods, we first learn about the theoretical knowledge.

Tracy law

what is Tracy’s law?

Tracy’s Law means that the degree of difficulty of any work is proportional to the square of the steps required to complete the task. For example, if you need 4 steps to complete a task, the difficulty is 16. It takes 2 steps to complete another task, and the difficulty is 4.

that is, simplify the process will be doubled, and people tend to be more difficult to accept the difficulty of low things, then we think of this flow, starting from this point!

let’s take a look at it, people need to see a few steps from your post to complete the registration:

1 in the forum, the community to see attractive posts

2 click on the link to enter the registration page.

3 to determine whether the resources of their own value.

4 registration.

a total of 4 steps, then the difficulty is 16!

so, then we take a look at the traffic patterns: post, but no link! This is a problem, how to let people find you? Don’t worry, we find them in Baidu! Post Bar a post here, to provide ideas, decide what specific posts, but the premise is must people are willing to come in, and have some.

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