Arvin personal money online life story summary

Wangzhuan: Gu’s name is on the Internet to make money, and now the rapid development of the Internet, this treasure but a lot of people in competition with each other. Of course, the Internet is happy for some people, for some people is sad. Because he gave some wealth, but also brought some people a better life, so how to use, how to treat the person is.

remember artikujt just contact Wangzhuan is in 08 years, it is not afraid to laugh, from 08 -09 years two years so there is no reason to make money, which will be described below; in 2010 this year, finally back home, while working thinking can not please eat a bowl of rice on the Internet. The work is simple work (primary school teacher; so hehe) have some time to study how to make money online online, money online, really difficult? The Internet to find information, read before their sad Wangzhuan experience of data collection, summary, method, and ultimately determine a way, optimize the site with SEO however, the content of the website is the website promotion products, with product, so there should be some utility. The facts are correct, although earn very little, but it has earned a pot of gold from the internet. Here is a screenshot of the income of these few months, very few webmaster friends to encourage a lot of it, so there is power.


in the first two years of the time why artikujt I didn’t earn money? There are two reasons;

: when working in the field, long working time, do wangzhuan.

two: when there is no system of learning, it is difficult to understand the road of wangzhuan.

therefore remind some of the friends who want to make money from the Internet, no matter what method you use to make money, the most important thing is mentality, Internet time,

on the Internet to learn these you must have, so will it be possible to make a buck.

above artikujt simply tells about the experience, finally summarized a is: learning is the premise of Wangzhuan is the harvest, executive power. Webmaster friends are you still learning


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