Silicon Valley entrepreneurs under pressure is the reason for success

introduction: as everyone knows, Silicon Valley is the high-tech field of the "entrepreneurial paradise", gathered here not only numerous technology giant and investment institutions, also has the talent advantage richly endowed by nature.

is known to all, Silicon Valley is the high-tech field of entrepreneurial paradise, where not only gathered a number of technology giants and investment institutions, but also has a unique talent advantage. Over the years, we have seen dozens of start-up companies including Google and Facebook, was born here, growth and success in the world, so what is what kind of motivation to promote the Silicon Valley so quickly on


the British "Financial Times" before the date of dispatch is analyzed in this paper, the article from some ordinary Silicon Valley entrepreneurs’ point of view about the enormous pressure on the road of entrepreneurship, the hardships faced by their own and a reason to go on. The following is the main content of the article.

Hoover (Hoover), who lives in San Francisco, Ruian in the early hours of every weekday morning (Ryan), gets up and starts to worry about the future of his company. Hoover is the founder of Silicon Valley start-up company Product Hunt, the company in less than a year’s time successfully conducted two rounds of venture capital, its business is mainly through their own websites and iPhone client recommend some new and interesting applications for the user, the application by the technical staff Product Hunt first discovered and quickly released. Under normal circumstances, Hoover will be around 7:30 in the morning to send their first application recommended mail, no later than 8 o’clock.

"I was sleeping when there are still many people in the use of Product Hunt, if I don’t understand these things will be very anxious," said Hoover, with brown hair. He is 27 years old this year, spoke very softly, he set up his own company at the time of only 12 the age, published a joke website, the website that Hoover earned $10.

Product Hunt on the line last year, Hoover was in the form of e-mail newsletter to inform their friends. There are rumors that in May of this year, Product Hunt $6 million 100 thousand investment in the second round of financing, the company reached $20 million valuation. Although many investors are optimistic about the prospects of Product Hunt, but the new investment has brought new concerns.

Hoover took out his iPhone and open an application to view the company’s Web site traffic, "this is what I often do," he said, staring at the screen, "see? Now let me feel the pressure of the flow is the site from the beginning of last week has fallen by 10 percentage points." The site currently has 15 thousand visitors online. Hoover did not know the upcoming holiday will continue to drag down the web traffic, if logically, he does not have to worry too much about these things, but he is still very concerned about this data, "now we got the investment.

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