Taxi trip App fodder died in the night before dawn



in a car average cost only 20 yuan, only the tax evasion to the profitability of the industry, but also want to get a bowl of soup, and a beggar, grab a meal to eat no difference.

entrepreneurship and regulation has become a hot topic. Miserable faith band a song called "no", there are few such lyrics: "don’t believe the rules, do not believe in order not to believe, do not believe the experience, lessons". Although a little young cynic, but the high-speed era, if there is what accident, it really is not what strange things. Well, into the title bar, we talk about the recent mobile Internet grassroots Prince – taxi App.

its status

1, the first to say that this area is now beloved, that is, respectively, Tencent and Alibaba acquired didi taxi and fast taxi. The north, South and North, an empire, a Jiangnan, each according to one side of the water, rooted in a market.

2, say that the other little princes. Open mobile phone with "taxi" as the keyword search, you will get a list of the App recommendation, and there will be a place for the foundation of the local taxi App, they are doing? He could keep good! If their city, and some words to expand around the capital, it might also you can find it, to say the least, only their own city guard, can be mixed by the industry big brother bought, is also a good destination.

3, the north and the South have a big influence, around a small circle of princes, but there are a few places, nobody guard, no one attack, the attack did not win. For example, Shanghai, the taxi industry has been highly monopolized, electric recruit system is relatively perfect, who want to plug in, is not an easy thing.

4, wait and see. Who is watching each other? Several do best on the sidelines, because of a city to take good, but do you have? Are you no matter which method is used, have not made good copy, why? Culture, customs, and local situation, are not the same, so there is no duplication.

why someone voted


1, Tencent and Ali’s capital injection is the final key to the field of action, so App should thank Tencent and Ali in the capital circle for the field of warm field. Because WeChat drives, mobile Internet industry more and more people to feel whether it is triggered at any moment, the Internet giant, or investment institutions, are staring at this one. Internet giant is afraid, because a late step, even after the chase ten steps, but also can not be seen chasing back. So we often see these internet giants will not only have business acquisitions, but there will be some strategic acquisitions. Take the Tencent WeChat and Alibaba, a product can have the Tencent status counter attack, Ali acquisition of unfamiliar street is ten steps after the catch, and is still a drop in the bucket, mix a psychological comfort. So who dare to let down, especially wireless. "

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