Survival investigation Amoy shop shopping guide can also monthly income of million

there are such a group of people on the Internet, love in the major forums, blogs on their own online shopping things, through their own recommendations to help store promotions, and then get a certain commission. These good things to buy things, the sun Master, was friends known as the "amoy". The Julia is a guest, last month, she helped the promotion of products in various forums, the end of the month closing, found his commission rebate actually reached nearly million.

The vigorous development of

personal guest driven by a large number of shopping websites and forums. According to statistics, only Taobao’s shopping guide website, the forum has more than 2000. Some of the "guest" and even more than and 200 businesses at the same time to establish contact. Taobao expects the next two years, Amoy family is expected to more than 1 million.

is a "guest Wangzhuan family" as one of the most popular new line, through their very low investment to build their own websites or blogs and other channels, and guide users to online shopping, if successful, you can get a commission from the shop, commission for profit of 1.5% to 50% is not so. A group of occupation gradually to "clean out a guest", and even advance into the ranks of million households.

however, the rise of Tao also attracted some controversy, and accompanied by the rapid growth of the "guest", "marketing" is a lot of people worry.

is not easy to be "guest"

Tao Chen Lin in the shop network ( interview, said: "an accident, cause I’m completely bedridden for 6 months, so I started the online business. At first it was just a waste of time, and then slowly took it as a career." At present, in addition to Chen Lin plush toys and jewelry shops, two in the online toy company of an entity, but also from time to time to Amoy dangdang.

is to become a good guest, actually want to spend a lot of thought, first of all to choose goods should be in season: for example, Shanghai is a coastal city, cosmetics and clothing comparative advantage, while buyers in the choice of purchase will also make regional choice. Consumers are very rational, so that users in a short time to believe that you are not easy to promote the product."

Chen Linju as an example, Amoy to help his plush toy store promotions, such as a plush toy 9.9 yuan, can put the same number of Taobao products and the price comparison, and then to find similar posts each big blog site, Baidu, QQ or Taobao Post Bar space forum, to promote their "baby others".

when the post users recognize at the same time, Amoy will recommend the shop goods link and Amoy promotion code posted, consumers buy businesses after rebate.

Chen Lin said: "according to the different products, the guest percentage is also different, some are 2%, some as high as 50%. Generally speaking, the average is about 3%. If you encounter a commission in the case of more than 50%, should be careful to choose the owner, to prevent fooled."

When the guest >

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