Sina micro-blog profit model

if we now believe that micro blog is very difficult to obtain the profit (or rather handsomely), because we are thinking of thinking, that Twitter now profit is how, so is the micro blog Chinese.

micro blog site to achieve profitability, it is necessary to have the courage to break the C2C, not the overall approach is copied to China, there must be a Chinese model.

this is the Chinese model to take the road of micro and micro business.

if the micro blog is in a micro business environment, a large micro blog site to achieve business income is very easy thing.

According to Sina micro-blog

for example to explore business model, simply by using micro micro century social philosophy and micro business philosophy to create a micro-blog game, it is not a simple game, not a single business model, but a kind of social and business forms, it can make a micro blog site through the game to achieve sustainable development.

a, Sina micro-blog business model

is now China’s most influential micro blog site is Sina micro-blog. I think Sina micro-blog to earn billions in revenue, is not difficult! If you can achieve the "appointment + brand + collar tribal user fees" business model, then Sina micro-blog to earn ten billion is likely to happen.

Sina micro-blog’s most prominent resources and advantages are celebrities and entertainment stars. This kind of resources to revitalize, revenue is very easy.

do online games, profit through virtual transactions. This business model is very simple, only need a creative.

this online game called Weibo dating, the tipping point of the game is "celebrity".

1 game play, bidding to use Weibo and celebrity dating.

2 dating refers to the official website every day to launch activities, engage in celebrity micro-blog exchange, so that the micro blog bid to ask celebrities. Limit the number of questions per activity. To achieve this places to use Weibo to auction, such as the others 10, you 11, you can get.

3 in order to have more collar to bid, micro blog can go to cotton, cloth, woven collar workers, open recruitment, celebrity collar collar factory speculation. Each micro blog can receive an acre of land for cotton. If you want more land to grow cotton, you can pay for land. Can steal food, you can steal cotton. However, the scarf can be used to fans of the idol and celebrity dialogue, dialogue, this is generally the game cannot create


4 is divided into ordinary collar collar, collar, collar celebrity gourmet. The exchange will encounter celebrities, celebrity Weibo can when 10 ordinary collar for best bib can when 100.

5 celebrity dating, not to let the micro blog to grab the celebrity speak of the sofa, and let celebrities sit on the couch of the micro blog, all the topics of this forwarding and >

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