Why we are very optimistic about the investment and 90 entrepreneurs

90, born with a new generation of Internet

90, is also the present young people under the age of 25, they are passionate, and, without the burden of occupation, no worry about personal gains and losses again, the most important is that they are born with the Internet is a new generation of


1994, the official Chinese Internet business, they have just been born or kindergarten; in 1998, Sina, Sohu, Tencent was born, Ali and Baidu have not, they read primary school.

in 2003, when they go to junior high school, Internet broadband is being promoted, the phone can also access the internet.

in 2009, they went to college, 3G era, iPhone officially entered the mainland.

2014 today, mobile communications upgrade 4G, iPhone also upgrade to the 6 generation, the impact of the Internet thinking inside and outside the network, after 90 years of undergraduate or master’s degree, into their era!

today, after 90 entrepreneurs more and more reliable

mobile Internet popularity, greatly reducing the threshold for entrepreneurship.

Internet and mobile Internet two or three could never promotion according to status, launched a pioneering project, greatly enhanced the ability of individuals to participate in the economic activities. Chinese also belongs to a network economy just early development, the opening of the mobile Internet, the evolution of a new business model, the mobile Internet has new and huge staking opportunity, which is currently the most noteworthy entrepreneurial opportunities. The competition speed of mobile Internet, need to use innovative ways to break through, to be competitive. Now the network main crowd 90 grew up with the Internet, access to wide information and news, the perception of things is very wide and diversified, which will make them very assertive and thought, the pursuit of innovation is different, their characteristics.

social media to allow 90 entrepreneurial maturity ahead of time

in the past 30 years, the biggest technological change is the internet. The emergence and evolution of technology, creating a "Internet generation", that is, with the Internet technology, social media grew up crowd, a typical crowd is 90. The Internet penetration rate of nearly 90 percent of college students in 100%, the Internet has penetrated into the group. Social is the animal instinct after 90, is an important means of communication, 90, as if they were born with a social gene. Through social media, college students are able to lower costs and more efficient access to the community and the establishment of contacts, which is to reduce the cost of entrepreneurship, growth is an important factor.

business incubator and the rapid improvement of service ecosystem

for the past ten years, China’s angel investment and entrepreneurship training, business incubator has achieved great development and has achieved remarkable achievements, in the venture investment institutions, service agencies and government efforts, greatly improving the business environment, a large number of young people to achieve their own "through entrepreneurship

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